Super Mario Bros 3


Super Mario Bros 3 is the most famous plumber in the video game world. Ever since Nintendo lit it up in that adventure in which her task was to save Princess Peach from the evil Bowser, she has become an icon of video games. This classic has been the exclusive heritage of consoles such as NES, Super NES, Wii or the Game Boy (the classic and the Advance), but in recent times it has seen it regain popularity (which has never lost at all, much less) with the release of Super Mario Run p p iPhone and iPad, announced at an Apple presentation a few months ago, and also in APK format for Android smartphones and tablets.

Users of Windows, Linux and Mac however have never been able to enjoy an official version of any of their games. The Japanese video game company has rejected any attempt to take it to these platforms, including programmers such as John Romero (creator of Doom) who presented them with a PC version.

In any case there are those who are unaffordable for discouragement, it is committed that we can all enjoy one of the best video games in history and makes it possible for Super Mario Bros 3 for PC. And also for free. 

OS: Windows 7/8/10 or higher
Memory: 512 MB

Other requirements are not required


No pirated software, 100% legal games.

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