Nuts for Gems


Nuts for Gems is a three-dimensional action game in which players control a squirrel that uses a mechanical bird to glide through different scenarios collecting all the gems and gemstones it finds along its way.

The game, in essence, works similarly to a three-dimensional airplane arcade game, as our mission will be to control the bird and fly it around the stage going through a number of specific points, in the best possible time.

Although the idea of the game is very simple, the control of the mechanical bird is quite complex, so you’ll need a controller (preferably an Xbox 360 one) to be able to control it. This use of the controller, together with the spectacular graphics of the game, make it look like that sometimes we are facing a console release, rather than a free title. 

OS: Windows 7/8/10 or higher
Memory: 512 MB

Other requirements are not required


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