Kavinsky For Free


Kavinsky is a third-person action game starring the artist of the same name, in which players have to clean the streets of thugs and corrupt cops at clean punch. Once this is done, it will be the turn to get in the car and drive at full speed on the highway.

The game is divided into several totally different phases. In the first ones you’ll control Kavinsky directly, you can move him through the streets of the city and hit the enemies that come out in passing. Collecting tobacco and cans of beer from the ground, we can also regain health.

Once you finish the street fighting missions, in which you can even see your faces with a final boss armed with two axes, you’ll go on to ride in Kavinsky’s famous Ferrari. Then the driving missions will begin. In these you have to run at full speed from the enemies that are chasing you, as you break police barriers. 


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