Half-Life 2 Free Download


Half-Life 2 Full Version Free Download! will get you paralyzed by contemplating the new graphics engine, the action that appears in every corner, the dialogues with ultra-realistic characters, that you can almost perceive soul in all of them. And of course, a completely original plot in which our favorite physique is once again the main protagonist.

This demo gives you two succulent levels. The first, Gordon’s arrival in City 17, an insertion point where you’ll begin to enjoy the tremendous realism of characters, sets and visual effects of the game. At this level, you won’t be able to use weapons, and you’ll simply learn how to handle Half-Life 2’s motion and interaction controls.

The second level places us in RavenHolm, a town completely taken by aliens. There you will have to face different enemies, especially citizens possessed by the strange creatures that have taken the planet Earth. This phase is very extensive and will take you from the entrance to RavenHolm to the moment you arrive at the church. 

OS: Windows 7/8/10 or higher
CPU: DirectX 7 level
Memory: 256 MB RAM
Graphics: 16 MB

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