Astro Avenger 2 Free Download


Astro Avenger II Full Version Free Download! Do you miss the classic Martian killing games? Well, put aside nostalgia and unload Astro Avenger II, an update of the most attractive of that traditional proposal. With this video game you’ll have all the elements that made those kinds of games succeed (vertical advance, multiple shots and enemies, simple plot, constant action), but in the middle of scenarios and graphics worthy of the days you meet.

That’s the look that will catch your eye after the download of Astro Avenger II. The scenarios, effects and graphics are most accomplished, which is especially evident in the explosions and detail of ships and enemies. An aspect that reinforces the fast-paced action experience throughout its fifty difficulty levels.

Astro Avenger II offers you a wide journey through different worlds in which you will face all kinds of enemies and deploy your tremendous arsenal and shooting power. Those will be your arguments for stopping that violent alien race that threatens to dominate the entire universe. 


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